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February 2019


After A Decade Of Testing, Israeli Medical Cannabis Comes To The US


Today is World Cancer Day 2019

Cannabis to be a "Safe," "Effective" Medical Treatment in First-of-its-Kind, Peer-Reviewed Study of Thousands of Cancer Patients Using Tikun Olam™ Strains

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January 2019


Real life Experience of Medical Cannabis Treatment in Autism: Analysis of Safety and Efficacy

Tikun Olams Strains.

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November 2018

History happened on the 1st November 2018.

Medical cannabis can now be prescribed legally in the UK.

Tikun Olam MC Ltd is dedicated to providing UK healthcare professionals and patients with leading medical cannabis science and prescribing protocols.

We have aligned ourselves with HCPs, organisations and educational programs globally that enable health practitioners to exercise informed clinical judgement.


In children with a complex motor disorder cannabidiol (CBD) improves dystonia and other quality of life (QOL) indicators.

We are proud to continue leading global clinical research to promote medical cannabis treatment for children as well.

October 2018

Professor Galili’s new publication about the effectiveness of our Avidekel strain on MS.

October 2018 

 The Education and Administration of Medical Cannabis Treatment for Pediatric Care

Join us for a session with Naama Saban imparting some of her extensive research collected from the treatment of 1,500 children in the Pediatric Department of Tikun Olam CannaTech Sydney.